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Pops Pastrami

Buttermilk-fermented cucumber kraut, caraway, cracked rye berry, anchovy mustard, fresh dill. 

The Ida

 - a lighter version of the original Pops Pastrami sandwich with 1/4 lb of meat! - 

Sweater Weather

Breaded eggplant, pork loin, mincemeat, pimento cheese, pickled green tomatoes. 

Smoked Chicken

Kimchi ranch, apple coleslaw, cilantro

Roasted Squash

Roasted broccoli, farmer's cheese, cracklin', mint.

Smoked Eel 

Kalechee, horseradish cream, greens & maple.               *limited availibility*

Pastrami Meatball Hero

Romesco, smoked provolone, pickled greens. 

Bluefish Salad

Smoked local bluefish, pickled celery & watercress. 

Garlic Broccoli 

Potato Salad


House Slaw


North Fork Potato Chips

Matzo Chips

Mixed Pickles

Garlic Dill Pickle



Smoked Chicken

Chicken Salad

Smoked Eel

Bluefish Salad

Smoked Bacon

Smoked Ham

Bottled Water (Sparkling | Still)

Foxon Park Sodas

Sound Tea

Q Soda

Your choice of:

The Ida | Sweater Weather | Bluefish | Roasted Squash | Smoked Chickn


North Fork Potato Chips | Matzo Chips


Foxon Park Soda | Q Soda | Water

$15 -